What’s at Stake For You?

There are all kinds of reasons to hire an attorney. Just as there are all kinds of people, there are all kinds of attorneys. They all have one common thread, and that is to provide protection. One must ask “what’s at stake” when thinking about if retaining an attorney is truly a necessary move. If your answer involves protecting your family, your assets such as home, savings, retirement and other personal property, or even your personal rights as a citizen, then it is absolutely necessary to consult an attorney.

Unfortunately, there are people in the world that try to take advantage of others. When purchasing property, it is expected that sellers properly disclose any problems that may exist. Builders are expected to meet certain codes and building requirements to ensure that people can live and work safely in the home or building. Without proper legal representation, many of these problems go unchecked and occur more often. Even after personal injury to you or your loved ones, you may need protection of your finances and ability to provide an income.

The Brei Law Firm specializes in the areas of real estate*, and provides representation in construction, business and personal injury matters. There is a lot at stake throughout one’s life. Leaving things like quality craftsmanship, professionalism and ethical behavior to chance and ignoring how they may be affecting your life is unnecessary. Protect what’s most important to you and consult anexperienced and qualified attorney.

While you shouldn’t have to worry about those that do wrong or seek to take advantage of you, your family, your business or your reputation, unfortunately, sometimes this happens. If something is threatening your way of life, consultation with an attorney can mean all the difference. Contact the Tucson lawyers at the Brei Law Firm to discuss the protection of what’s at stake for you.

*Attorney Jeffrey T. Brei is a Certified Real Estate Specialist by the State Bar of Arizona.