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In business, customers do not always pay their bills, partners do not always see things your way and competitors and employees may try to gain an unfair and sometimes unlawful advantage. Oftentimes, business owners ignore these circumstances too long, hoping for the best. Over the last 22 years, we have found that business owners who seek legal advice early in a dispute stand a better chance of avoiding the courtroom altogether and the potential for a less than favorable outcome. Even before you find yourself in a business dispute, consider incorporating a lawyer into your business. Think about the last time you signed a Lease for your business, an agreement with your partner or a large purchase contract with your customer without having a business litigation lawyer review it first. It may seem like an unnecessary expense to get a lawyer’s opinion on the front end, but if you have ever been through a legal proceeding, you understand that having the advice up front outweighs the stress and costs of a dispute that could have been avoided. Finally, you should consider having a lawyer review the documents you use every day in your business to ensure that you are protected.

In addition to helping business owners with disputes and document review and preparation, we also assist in the purchase and sale of businesses and their assets. Along with your accountant, Brei Law Firm assists in the drafting, negotiation and finalization of the contractual documents needed to complete the transaction.